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Nonwovens Brief Introduction

Non-woven fabric is formed without the need for weaving and spinning of, only textile short fiber or filament is oriented or random to form a Web structure, and then by mechanical, thermal or chemical methods-bonded reinforcement. It directly using polymer chips, short fibres or filaments through a variety of Web methods and consolidation formed the shape of a soft, breathable and plane structure of new fiber products.

Non-woven fabric (nonwovens), also called non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabric.

Directionally or randomly oriented fibers by friction, cohesion or adhesion combined with each other or a combination of these methods and made of sheets, webs, or bat. Does not include paper and woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, tufted textile fabrics, with a stitched yarn braid and wet felting mat products (whether or not such products after the acupuncture reinforcement).

Fibers can be natural or chemical processing, is formed by short fibers, filaments or fibers.


1, wet non-weave cloth with wet paper differs from non-woven cloth should meet one of the following conditions:

A, the fiber length to diameter ratios greater than 300 fiber (not including chemical pulping plant fiber) accounted for more than 50% of quality;

B, its fiber content in the length to diameter ratio of greater than 300 fiber (not including chemical pulping plant fiber) accounted for more than 30% quality, and its density is less than 0.4/c m •

2, does not think of viscose rayon fiber is chemically cooking.

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