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EVA Waterproof Membrane for Roofing

EVA Waterproof Membrane for Roofing Basic Info

  • Type: Waterproof Roll Material

  • Material: HDPE

  • EVA Waterproofing Membrane Function: Waterproof

  • Usage: Outdoor

  • EVA Waterproofing Membrane Origin:China

  • Ceiling Tile Shape: Roll

  • Thickness: 0.5-2.0mm

  • Certification: ISO

  • EVA Waterproofing Membrane Principle Material: HDPE/EVA

  • Specification: ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS

  • HS Code: 3918109000

EVA Waterproof Membrane for Roofing Product Description

HDPE/EVA polymer waterproof sheet is the new waterproof sheet consisting of high-density polyethylene, ethylene vinyl acetate and other polyolefin polymer resin and different additives. It contains anti-aging agent, antioxidant, UV absorber and other additives. The product conforms to the requirements of GB50108-2008 Technical Code for Waterproofing of Underground Works and the national standards of GB18173.1-2012 Polymer Water-proof Materials Part 1: Water-proof Sheet.
1. Product Features
1.1. Anti-aging, resistance to chemical erosion, good flexibility;
1.2. Large range of operating temperature, long service life;
1.3. Excellent anti-seepage performance, extremely low liquid permeability, good tear resistance and puncture resistance;
1.4. Excellent tensile strength and elongation at break, strong tension stress;
1.5. Good plasticity, convenient and simple construction, convenient and quick corner processing;
1.6. The materials used for HDPE/EVA waterproof sheet are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.
2. Application Scope
2.1. Environmental sanitation engineering (such as landfills of life waste, sewage treatment plants, toxic and hazardous material disposal sites, dangerous goods warehouses and factories, etc.);
2.2. Hydraulic and civil engineering (seepage prevention, leaking stoppage and reinforcement of river\lake\reservoir\dam, seepage prevention of water channel, vertical core wall and slope protection, etc.);
2.3. Municipal engineering (subways, underground engineering and roof reservoirs of buildings, roof garden seepage prevention and sewage pipe lining, etc.);
2.4. Landscaping (artificial lakes, ponds, pool bottom lining in golf course, and slope protection, etc.);
2.5. Petrochemical (chemical plants, seepage and pollution prevention of oil storage tank in oil refinery, lining and secondary lining of chemical reaction tank and sedimentation tank);
2.6. Mining (seepage and pollution prevention of washing pool, heap leaching pond, ash field, tailings dam and so on.);
2.7. Transport infrastructure engineering (road base reinforcement, seepage prevention of tunnels and culverts);
2.8. Agriculture (seepage prevention of reservoirs, drinking pool, water storage pond and irrigation system);
2.9. Aquaculture industry (lining of fishpond and shrimp pond);
2.10. High-speed railway (tunnel waterproofing).
3. EVA Waterproof Membrane for Roofing Product Specifications:

Polymer waterproof sheet (waterproof board)Homogeneous sheet (JS2)HDPE/EVA0.5~2.0
Fabric reinforced (FS2)HDPE/EVA0.8~2.0

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