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Characteristics Of Puncture-resistant Waterproof Material

1. puncture-resistant waterproof material is waterproof and prevents plant roots penetrate functions, able to withstand puncture plant roots, maintain the waterproof function for a long time;

2. puncture-proof puncture-resistant waterproof material, and does not affect the normal growth of plants;

3. high strength and waterproof layer is formed, and strong ability to resist water pressure and puncture resistance, slightly broken, tear resistance, fatigue;

4. puncture-resistant waterproof material tensile strength, modified asphalt coating layer thickness, shrinkage deformation and cracking of adaptability;

5. excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance, both hot and cold areas apply;

6. puncture-resistant waterproof material with corrosion, mildew-resistant, weather-resistant characteristics of good quality;

7. root resistance waterproof materials using hot-melt construction of puncture, the construction is convenient and reliable heat seam durable.

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