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Basement Construction Self-Adhesive Bitumen Membrane

Basement Construction Self-Adhesive Bitumen Membrane Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 10

  • Ceiling Tile Shape: Roll

  • Thickness: 1.2,1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0mm

  • Surface Treatment: Film Coated

  • Certification: ISO, MSDS

  • Usage: Roofs, Underground, etc

  • Width: 1m 2m

  • Specification: 1.2/1.5/ 2.0/ 2.5/3.0/4.0mm*1m/2m*20m/15m10m

  • HS Code: 68079

  • Type: Roofing and Waterproofing

  • Material: PE/HDPE/EVA Coated with Bitumen

  • Ceiling Tile Type: Fiberglass Ceilings

  • Function: Waterproof

  • Color: Black

  • Length: 20m,15m10m

  • Application: Basemernt, Roofing

  • Transport Package: Plastic Bag

  • Origin: Weifang China

Basement Construction Self-Adhesive Bitumen Membrane Product Description

Product Description

bitumen adhesive tape/waterproof materials/ building materials

Self Adhesive Waterproof Membrane

Bitumen Tape Introduction
Hongyuan Waterproof has newly developed RAM-CL, the self-adhesive membrane made from cross laminating HDPE film, asphalt and high polymer adhesive. This product is featured by high property performance, cold application, excellent size stability, anti-UV and good tear resistance.
HDPE film used in this product is manufactured through cross-lamination processing, which enables the film elongation stable both in MD and TD, while no deformation is caused. The polymer (chain) and cement polymer (silicate) function together to form cross interface structure and ensure a permanent, continous seal on cement base.
Bitumen Tape Proproduct
Product Mechanism
Hongyuan crossing-laminated HDPE filme is made by special formula. It overcomes shortcomings of ordinary film and have high tensile strength, solar stable and no bubbles.
Besides, the longitudinal tensile strength of ordinary HDPE film is larger than its transverse tensile strength. While the longitudinal and transverse value of Hongyuan RAM-CL is equal, which enables the sheet has stronger adhesion on fasteners than ordinary membrane.
An ordinary HDPE film is single directional stretching film, waterproof membrane with this film is easily wrinkled when temperature change, even broken if heavy deformation.

Bitumen Tape Feature

Excellent physical property

Superior shank tear strength and watertightness in scres fixed position
Better adhesion on screws and fasteners than ordinary membrane, stronger tear resistance in both direction.
Good tensile strength and weatherability
Size stable and no crease, a reliable safeguard for waterproof

Bitumen Tape Storage 

1. Packing: roll
2. When stored and transported, different type and specification will arranged separately, no disorder.
3. Avoiding sunshine and rain, note ventilation.
4. Store temperature not excess 45oC, stand on the land will not excess 2 layer.
Basement Construction Self-Adhesive Bitumen Membrane Bitumen Tape Technical Data sheet

Type IType II
1Tensile strength, N/50mm≥210≥220
2Breaking elongation, %≥160≥200
3Impermeability, (30 Mpa×120min)No leakage
4Tear resistance, N≥25
5Nail-rod tear strength, N≥110
6Low temperature flexibility, degreeNo craking under -15 degreeNo craking under -25 degree
7Peel strength between sheets, N/mmNo treatment≥1.0
After heating
8Heat resistance, (70degree×2h)No slipping, flowing or dripping
9Peel strength between sheet and cement mortar, N/mmNo treatment≥2.0
After heating≥1.5
10Peel strength after sheet and mortar soaked in water, N/mm≥1.5
11Size stabilityAppearanceNo slipping, flowing or dripping
change rate, %± 2.0
12Oil permeability, pieces≤2
13Holding Power, min≥15
14Artificial weathering testAppearanceNo slipping, flowing or dripping
Pull retention, %≥80
Low temperature flexibilityNo craking under -13 degree
15Heat aging test (70degree×168h)Pull retention, %≥90
Breaking elongation retention, %≥80
Low temperature flexibilityNo craking under -13 degree
16Salt treatment a (20% NaCl solution×30d )Pull retention, %≥90
Elongation retention, %≥80
Low temperature flexibilityNo craking under -13 degree
17Alkali treatment a (saturated NaOH solution×30d))Pull retention, %≥90
Elongation retention, %≥80
Low temperature flexibilityNo craking under -13 degree
18Chlorideion penetration resistance, mg/cm 2 d≤5.0x10 -3
Note: a for special designed projects that require these testing items

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