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Underground Structure Waterproofing

Underground Structure Waterproofing

1、Top Waterproof; 2、Side Wall Waterproof; 3、Bottom Floor Waterproof.

1.Drain Pipe;

2.Shotcrete Layer;

3.PVC Waterproof Floor;

4.Geotextile Butter Layer (400g/m2) fixed by gasket;

5.Protection Layer(recycle materials);

6.Concrete Construction;

7.Protection Layer(Detailed operation ways please do it under drawings.

Following Plans can be used in this System:
1、3mm+4mm(thickness) SBS/APP Bitumen Membrane
2、3mm+3mm(thickness) Polyester Based Adhesive bitumen Membrane
3、1.5mm+1.5mm(thickness) Non-polyester Base Adhesive Bitumen  Membrane
4、1.5mm(thickness)  High Polymer Waterproof Sheet
5、1.2mm+1.2mm(thickness) High Polymer Waterproof Sheet

6、≥1.2mm(thickness) High Polyer Self-adhesive Waterproof Sheet(Only for Bottom Floor)

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