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New structural waterproofing material recognized

Water impermeability of construction engineering are still widespread weakness in the construction industry. Guan Ye Linhong, Director, research center of Chinese Academy of Sciences said that neither construction nor the traditional waterproof material later reinforcement, there are many drawbacks, often "ten nine missing" new "structural" water impermeability slowly gaining industry recognition and promotion.

The so-called "structured water" refers to the use of high-tech production and penetration of new type waterproof materials at home and abroad, the long period of ageing of waterproofing materials, can penetrate into the concrete so that it becomes part of the building, waterproofing materials and function with the concrete, can meet the requirements of building a permanent water impermeability.

Kehui Wu Deliang, a researcher at the Institute of building materials in the province introduced, relative to traditional construction technology of waterproofing, structural waterproofing construction technology of heavy breakthrough: waterproof layer can be set on the surface, can also be set in the back of the water, in damp, uneven base surface construction, spray-type construction operating flexibility. Also, do not need to set protection layer, is harmless to human, plants are characteristic of structural waterproofing material more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than traditional materials.

Exchange Conference, experts said the appearance of structural waterproofing materials will not only change the way construction waterproof, will also change the pattern of waterproofing industry. Currently, structural waterproofing material has been widely used in high-speed railways, highways, airports, subways, bridges and other construction projects, common home improvement projects will gradually spread.

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